The Enormous Pumpkin at Garson's Farm

Reception and Kindergarten enjoyed some outdoor drama when they acted out the 'Enormous Pumpkin' during their recent trip to Garson's Farm.

Reception and Kindergarten classes went to Garson’s Farm on Thursday, where they enjoyed a lovely sunny morning picking pumpkins. Reception Class had been reading the 'Enormous Pumpkin' at school and took the opportunity to act out the story in the pumpkin field. They pulled and pulled together, taking on the roles of different characters in the story.

Kindergarten then enjoyed finding a pumpkin that they could take home. They looked at the different sizes and then compared them to find out which pumpkin was the correct size for them to carry to the bus. The children also chose a big pumpkin to make some soup when they got back to Nursery and bought some other vegetables to add to it.

We returned back to school eating delicious crunchy apples. #HappyandHealthy